• The Accidental Heiress

    When Miss Phoebe Price, penniless spinster, unexpectedly becomes Miss Phoebe Price, heiress, the ton rejoices.

    Just kidding. The ton explodes with malicious gossip.

    Where did Phoebe’s mysterious riches come from? Everyone wants to know—especially Phoebe! And when her new fortune drops her into the eye of a brewing storm of scandal, she doesn’t know how she’ll clear her name.

    Certainly, the very last person she should turn to for help is Captain Anthony Grenville. The handsome war hero is back, and now he’s the heir to an earldom. He’s also the man who almost ruined her. It would be easy to give in to the desire he sparks with his hungry kisses—but Phoebe’s had four years to think about the way he once betrayed her innocent heart.

    Somehow, the newly-minted Heiress of Holborn must discover the truth about her money before her secret enemies can destroy her life. But can she do that while also staying away from Captain Grenville?